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Thank you for your patience as we worked through substantial fortification of our web and email operations due to repetitive attacks and attempted break-ins from outside the USA. This required an unforeseen major investment of time, costs and restructuring. We are committed to assure that this full time prayer service, the largest for our nation, remains safe, effective and continually serving our millions of members.

This situation has stretched this ministry to its limit and seriously affected us during the summer when financial support is already very low. We need you to pray ... but also consider a special significant gift to allow us to continue on during this extremely important time for our nation. We are still offering the matching funds, so as you give your gift (or pledge) it will still be DOUBLED.

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This Week's Featured Leaders For Prayer

This ministry depends upon the financial support of God's people.
Executive Branch
Michele M. Leonhart
Michele M. Leonhart, Administrator, Drug Enforcement Agency
Legislative Branch
James Inhofe
James Inhofe, United States Senator from Oklahoma
Judicial Branch
Judge Marie Lihotz
Judge Marie Lihotz, New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division
Armed Forces
Rear Admiral John Kirby
Rear Admiral John Kirby, USN, Pentagon Press Secretary

Prayer Headlines September 2nd, 2014

 Hot Topics For Prayer

Israel Challenged

Israel Challenged- Christians everywhere look on

Good Samaritan or Power Grabber

Good Samaritan or Power Grabber- President Obama goes solo on immigration

Worship Wars

Worship Wars- Millennials caught in the battle of trendy vs. traditional

Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act- The battle over subsidies continues

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