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Armed Forces

Armed Forces

During his famous Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln said that America is a nation “conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” He proceeded to question whether or not such a nation “can long endure.” The testing ground for such a nation, as he observed, was not in the halls of academia or before the high courts. Rather, Americans prove defend their nation’s existence on the field of battle.

Since the conception of America, the United States military has stood as a line of defense between the American people and those who would see this great land conquered. During World War 2, it was the American military that crumbled the fascist war machines of Europe. Even today in Iraq and Afghanistan, our troops are fighting to rid the world of the disease that is radical militant Islam.

Edmund Burke once said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The United States military is our nation’s promise to both ourselves and our neighbors that evil will never triumph.

The men and women who volunteer to stand downrange of enemy fire deserve our prayers.

Featured Member of the Armed Forces for Prayer

PrayFocusArmedForcesAdmiral John M. Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations

John Michael Richardson was born in 1960. He was commissioned into the United States Navy upon his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy. He also attended and received master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and the National War College.

During his tenure, Richardson has served primarily with submarine operations, serving on the USS Parche, the USS Salt Lake City, and the USS George C. Marshall. He headed the Navy’s Atlantic submarine force. He has also commanded the USS Honolulu, Submarine Development Squadron 12, Submarine Group 8 and Submarine Allies Naval Forces South.

Prior to becoming Chief of Naval Operations, he served as the Director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. In May 2015, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced Richardson’s nomination to succeed Admiral Jonathan Greenert as Chief of Naval Operations.

Richardson and his wife, Dana, have five children, one of whom is a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy.

IN THE NEWS: U.S. carriers John C. Stennis and Ronald Reagan began joint operations in seas east of the Philippines over the last weekend in a show of strength ahead of an international court ruling expected soon on China’s expansive territorial claims in the contested South China Sea. Admiral John Richardson, the Chief of Naval Operations, told a Washington think tank it was not often that the United States had two carrier strike groups in the same waters, and it was a sign of U.S. commitment to regional security.

He referred to a similar deployment of a second U.S. carrier in the Mediterranean Sea two weeks ago, at a time when U.S. officials are raising alarm over Russia’s maritime expansion.

“Both here and in the Mediterranean, it’s a signal to everyone in the region that we’re committed, we’re going to be there for our allies, to reassure them and for anyone who wants to destabilize that region,” he said. “And we hope that there’s a deterrent message there as well.”

Richardson said China’s large-scale land reclamation in the South China Sea and militarization of artificial islands extended its potential ability to deny access to a region with precision missiles and radar, something that “demands a response.”