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Armed Forces

Armed Forces

During his famous Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln said that America is a nation “conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” He proceeded to question whether or not such a nation “can long endure.” The testing ground for such a nation, as he observed, was not in the halls of academia or before the high courts. Rather, Americans prove defend their nation’s existence on the field of battle.

Since the conception of America, the United States military has stood as a line of defense between the American people and those who would see this great land conquered. During World War 2, it was the American military that crumbled the fascist war machines of Europe. Even today in Iraq and Afghanistan, our troops are fighting to rid the world of the disease that is radical militant Islam.

Edmund Burke once said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The United States military is our nation’s promise to both ourselves and our neighbors that evil will never triumph.

The men and women who volunteer to stand downrange of enemy fire deserve our prayers.

Through the “Adopt our Troops” program, you can both register and adopt a specific member of America’s armed forces in prayer. What greater gift could you provide these troops than intercession on behalf of our omnipotent God?

Please take the time to adopt one of these soldiers and pray for them every day. If you know a specific member of the military, please register them. More than anything we could personally give them, our troops need our support through prayer.

Featured Member of the Armed Forces for Prayer

PrayFocusArmedForcesDeborah Lee James, Secretary of the Air Force

Deborah Lee James was born in New Jersey. She earned a B.A. in Comparative Area Studies from Duke University, and a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University.

James has 30 years of senior homeland and national security experience in the U.S. Federal Government and the private sector. Prior to her current position, she served as President of Science Applications International Corporation’s Technical and Engineering Sector, where she was responsible for 8700 employees and more than $2 billion in revenue.

She was nominated to be Secretary of the Air Force by President Barack Obama, and assumed office in December 2013. She is the second woman appointed to be the permanent civilian head of a military service.

James is married to Frank and they have three children.

IN THE NEWS: ‘So help me God’ has been removed from the Air Force enlistment oath, effective immediately, according to Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James. “We are pleased that the U.S. Department of Defense has confirmed our client has a First Amendment right to omit the reference to a supreme being in his reenlistment oath,” Monica Miller, an attorney with the AHA’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center, said in a statement Wednesday, Air Force Times reported. “We hope the Air Force will respect the constitutional rights of Atheists in the future.” The Army, Navy and Marine Corps all give enlistees the option to say “so help me God.”