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The Bright Spot was created to be an online safe haven for you … a place where we can meet together on a daily basis and receive encouragement – from inspiring Scripture, from illuminating quotes, from anointed poetry, and from each other’s words – that we need as we do the good work of praying for our nation and its leaders.

Make it a habit worth keeping – and visit daily The Bright Spot, given to you in gratitude for your partnership with The Presidential Prayer Team. We’re glad you’re here!

Hebrews 10:25 exhorts, “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another – and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

Age Shouldn’t Affect Patriotism, California Grandmother Says

A California grandmother has thanked thousands of troops overseas by sending them letters she’s written herself for more than ten years.

Aileen Cooper, 98, said she has written more than 7,000 letters to men and women serving in the armed forces. “All of the time I think of these people and their families at home,” she told a local television station.

She said she started writing the letters when her son was serving in the military in Vietnam. She kept on sending notes to other soldiers since then, adding that she doesn’t plan on stopping soon.

Over the years, people have responded to her letters by sending back their notes of appreciation and flags from their bases.

 (Source: Fox News)

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  1. Eddie says:

    NUMBERS 3:7 And they shall attend to his needs and the needs of the whole congregation before the tabernacle of meeting, to do the work of the tabernacle.

    A sense of duty to serve those who serve benefits the Body of Christ.

  2. Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow! I am taking a “stay-cation” this year (Spring cleaning in July!)and was focused on my goal to “get my house in order” when I came upon a long forgotten, but dearly loved and appreciated CD, “A Special Collection for The Presidential Prayer Team,” dating back to 2003! I can’t express how excited I was to find this CD. I immediately put it in my CD player and cried tears of pure joy and thanksgiving as I listened…again and again and again! It was as if an old friend came to help me clean, sing to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and PRAY WITH ME (!!!) for our beloved country, the UNITED States of America and the WORLD! I thank God and you for the blessing in the form of this CD! You see, finding it was an answer to a prayer of mine. I have wanted to make a commitment to pray for those in authority over us, however I needed an extra push. By finding this CD, the Holy Spirit reassured me once again that God is with us and hears our hearts’ cries and praises. By God’s grace and through His power, I request to join you in committed prayer for our president and vice president, all elected and appointed officials, judiciary, military, law enforcement, first responders, and our families…each and every one. What a privilege we have in prayer! My heart is so grateful to have rediscovered this treasured CD. I will play it daily and pray. It is my prayer that all glory and honor be given to God Almighty…The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (James 5:16)

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Thank you & May god Bless all of us trying to make this a more godly nation by the way we live our lives for Christ daily and continually pray for our leaders! –Dean, Ohio

Thanks for your leadership in leading believers to pray for our nation.  The daily devotions are so beneficial to me.  I also appreciate the new BOLD program.  It is a great help to me.  May God continue to bless you in these troubled times for our troubled nation. – Cherry, Georgia

It is my joy to be a part of the Presidential Prayer Team.  My interest is also in  the   BOLD We PRAY for AMERICA. - Kitty

How I love the daily devotionals which I receive from your organization.  - Donna

I think your idea of praying for one individual person per day (BOLD) in the government is such a good idea.  I praise God that there is an organization such as yours in America – Eileen

You're really providing a great guide - keep it up! – Cathleen

I receive the devotionals each day and am inspired by them and would like our small congregation to be able to access the fine material... Thanks so much, and may GOD richly bless you and those who provide such quality materials. – Pastor Rick, Florida

Thank you for your daily devotionals.  We appreciate being able to begin each morning with them!

- Larry

Thank you for your wonderful ministry. - Jan

I began a prayer vigil yesterday evening for our nation, it is so wonderful to receive updates and names to pray for. God bless all of you for your hard work and constant efforts in prayer. – Joy

I have been a member of PPT since President Bush was in office and when PPT was born.  I miss your devotions and am anxious to start receiving them again at my new email address. God Bless you for all you do for America and our troops.   –Jeanette, Nashville

I appreciate Presidential Prayer Team. – Rosemarie

I look forward to the weekly presidential prayer team updates. – Alene

Thank you for your faithful ministry and for allowing me to be a part of it.  I can no longer contribute financially, but will continue to pray for you and the needs as long as I am able.  I believe that prayer changes things, and that if we had continued to be a praying nation we would not be in the situation we are in.  I pray daily for our country to restore God to His rightful place--we seem to have mislaid Him somewhere along the way.  I am 81 years old, and I would never have believed to see the things I see happening.  It grieves me deeply, and I know it grieves the heart of a Holy God.  But your prayer ministry must make Him smile. Thanks again, and keep the Light shining... Dr. Joan

Thank you - for the immense impact you have for this beautiful nation. I am blessed, grateful and hopeful for your integrity and boldness each and every day. – Alexa

Thank you for this daily insightful devotional filled with information about our government and its officials.  Such a good daily reminder of who and what we can pray for.  Thank you.  Thank you! – Jean, Minnesota

“…you are such a blessing to me in my walk with the Lord.” Pam, Florida

I have grown to appreciate you dear folks more and more.  Your devotionals and scripture provided are a blessing.  I really appreciate your news report and the Washington officials identified.  I have long been conflicted that I should obey the scriptural admonition to pray for our national leaders.  You have helped me be more specific in my prayers.  Thank you for calling the Christians of this nation to prayer. Mrs. H, Texas

Thank you for all you do to help us pray. – Grace, Texas

I sincerely appreciate the work that you do, and I love to share many of your devotionals with my family and friends. – Judy, Tennessee

Thank you...please know that America is always in my heart and prayers! God’s richest blessings...Renee

...thank you kindly & also for the daily devotional.  Each day I marvel at how in sync they are with our present issues of the day.  Obviously, y’all are led by the grace of God.  Each day begins with Vantage Point & cannot tell you how important the messages & scriptures are in our lives.  I highly recommend it as per my signature below.  - Fern