Conscious Choice
Have you ever renewed acquaintances with someone you knew years ago, only to discover the person has changed so much that it’s almost as if you were meeting for the first time? The change is often the result of a conscious choice made during a defining moment that affected the course of the rest of their life.
The Spirit of the Lord will rush upon you, and you will prophesy … and be turned into another man.
I Samuel 10:6
Today’s verse describes how Saul was anointed and so touched by the Lord that he changed from being an insignificant, cowardly man to being a proud king who led Israel for many years. Through the Holy Spirit, he was empowered to do great things. He truly was turned into “another man.” The same dramatic transformation happened centuries later to another Saul…with even greater impact.

In your prayer time today, ask that the Holy Spirit would move…first in your heart and mind, then in your family members, and finally in the president and the nation’s leadership – empowering and leading each one to accomplish His purposes.
Recommended Reading: Acts 9:11-22  Click to Read or Listen
- The Presidential Prayer Team Writing Staff